Browsing Scheduled Tasks on Remote Computers

I am using Windows 7 (Build 7600) x64. Is there a way to get Scheduled Tasks and Printers and Faxes to appear when I am browsing remote Server 2003 machines on the network?


Same way you would with any other version of windows:

click Run:

\\computername or \\ipofcomputer

I believe you would need to have this device joined to the domain for LDAP auth.

I should not have included printers, as there is a button in the toolbar to view those. Scheduled Tasks, though, do not appear. All machines involved are members of the domain. Perhaps I am missing something glaringly obvious - I wouldn't put it past me. ;)


Eh, unfortunately I am at work atm so I cant definitively troubleshoot. If you "manage" the device via AD I believe there is an option to view scheduled tasks, although then again, this may only have been implemented in Server 2008 and not 03.

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Managing Scheduled Tasks through AD is not implemented in in 2003, or 2003R2. Interestingly, Scheduled Tasks do not appear when I browse 2008 machines either. I've hunted around for answers to this and done a good bit of troubleshooting myself, to no avail. Unless there's a reg hack, I may be looking for the most convenient workaround rather than a solution.


I will do some looking tonight when I get home. I think you would be able too manage [scheduled tasks] via AD but only when using Server 2008 FFL, this unfortunately would mean that you would only be able to use Server 2008 DCs. I will fire up the VMs to verify, also see if I can find any workarounds since Im rather interested in this as well.

Just ran into this thread and had just worked through this issue. Working on a 2003 Domain Controller trying to access scheduled tasks on a Windows 7/32Bit box in the domain. When browsing by name \\computername, no scheduled tasks or printer options are shown.

Manage the target computer via run -> compmgmt.msc -> Action Menu -> connect to another computer or your method of choice.

Go to services and make sure that remote registry service is started on the client. I set it to automatic as well....personally it is handy to bang on a registry when you need to get to the point quickly. It may pop up a message about another service not being available. It still starts anyway.

Once remote registry was started, now I see Sheduled Tasks by browsing \\computername

Now what I'd really like is to be able to see Printers and Faxes on Windows 7 across the network, which is how I got here in the first place. It is handy to add a single local or TCP printer to a box or better yet, change settings and update drivers over the network for a doamain computer without having to script, change or make GPO's or take over the machine.

I have a user that has an IP printer in a back office that just upgraded to Windows 7 and is having print problems which I know are driver related....she's maybe one of two people that uses the printer, really no need to be a shared printer off of a server...and typically it would take 10 seconds to update the driver on an XP box over the network once RDP'ed into the server.

It would be nice to find a way to show Win7 printers and faxes across the network without having to reboot the box if it is a registry change.

Anyone have ideas?

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