Hy all!

I have BSOD every day. Pls help. THX



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If you require BSOD assistance, please upload the dump file as an attachment so it can be analyzed.

1. Locate your Minidumps folder:
  • This is usually placed in %SystemRoot%\Minidump\. Navigate to that location and copy all of the files over into a folder on your desktop and preferrably compress them into an archive before uploading to a file host.
2. Provide your crash dumps in the next post with the download link to the .dmp files
  • I will review/debug the crash dump to more accurately verify the cause of this BSOD.
  • Note: Further instructions will be given after I have reviewed the crash dump, be patient, and don't do ANYTHING while i'm in the review process as solving BSOD's requires patience, and a logical order of operations. If you do anything that I have not asked you to do, you are only puting your own system at risk, because now you're just on your own doing trial and error.

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