Windows 7 BSOD after login


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May 24, 2009
Im in somewhat of a sticky pickle.
I have spent all day googling, going through my OS's, and I cant find a fix.
Everytime I log in, I receive a BSOD telling me of a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. It usually appears immediately after I get to the desktop. I get a message telling me of the previous blue screen of death, and then it crashes. Starting it on safe mode leads me immediately to the BSOD, though through the use of the task manager I can keep CMD open while holding off the BSOD).
I am using a 4gb HP Pavilion DV6-1030us Entertainment Laptop, and the latest 64-bit Win7 RC. All of my other OS's are Dell Onlys and/or have deteriorated beyond use. I am trying to find a replace Vista 64bit/Win7 64bit that will give me the upgrade option (in the event that I cannot fix this BSOD junk and am forced to replace the OS) because I have several sensitive files and projects that will be due in the coming week. Any help is appreciated. I have googled, and I can tell you now, I have not found a case identical to mine. Customer support is BS, and my recovery partition only puts me back to Factory, which is NOT what I can work with. For your information, this is my 37th or so boot using Win7 RC 64-bit, and this is my 2nd time not to have it bail out on me. I would provide more information if I could, but I cannot at the moment, though Im sure I could update this later.
PS- To any moderator, if I have posted in the wrong section, please let me know and I will gladly comply. As you can tell, I am new here, and this is somewhat of a last resort for me. My apologies in advance if I seem like too much of a noob; I am one when it comes to operating system troubleshooting.
I am having this same problem I hope we could get to an answer without having to reinstall the OS.:(
It has set me back big time and I don't have the time for it. Since I needed to work on some files today that HP VM isn't too compatible with. It's kind of ironic for my situation. Zero day vulnerabilities are painful, and this may have been an exploit of some kind that I am supposed to have the knowledge on how to prevent these kind of things as it's my real world job. So anyways if someone could help out with this problem it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Hi AreKayAchJay. Navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to any other folder then zip them. Attach the zip to a post and I'll have your machine well shortly, as long as directions are followed.
Not able to login to windows without the BSOD. I am new to the HP VM and haven't found a way to navigate the C drive yet.
i am having a similar problem, every time i try to login i get a BSOD. i get the same result when i go into safe mode too. so i cannot access the dump files
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