BSOD after uninstalling Ubuntu


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So, after 3 days of frustration to get the Tux for TF2, I very stupidly uninstalled Ubuntu incorrectly, the result was no longer being able to boot Windows 7. I receive a BSOD after the Starting Windows screen. After some googling, it appeared my Master Boot Record was corrupt. I followed all the step which involved using my Windows 7 'legit' installation disk and using the command prompt to restore the MBR, but my Windows 7 still refuses to boot. I honestly do not want to format my current HDD and install Windows 7 again and download all my games and such back. That seems to be my only option next to buying a new HDD.
Please do help.

This is caused by the Hard Drive usually. Windows sometimes Doesn't like to run with another OS. How did you install Ubuntu?

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