BSOD Again,

Hey guys,

I just received another BSOD. The last time I did a "System Restore" which seemed to help. But this is starting to happen more and more now.

I have a crash dump file that appear in c:\windows\minidump folder.

I am uploading it here, for those who may wish to review it. However, I cannot specify what the cause of this problem may have been.

View attachment 111612-42806-01.dmp

Zip files
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Can anyone help me take a look and let me know what I can do to fix these BSOD?

Thank you,

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Hi junior!

Officejet 4500 G510g-m This device is disabled.
SAMSUNG_Android The drivers for this device are not installed.
Shrew Soft Virtual Adapter This device is disabled.
Please check these 3 devices and enable them or uninstall them.

there also appear to be several problems with internet explorer and Windows Media Player. Please install the newest version of Internet explorer or use a different browser - also check windows Update for any available updates.

The dmp files point to vfilter.sys:
vfilter.sys Fri Jan 16 18:58:27 2009 (49703E23)
ShrewSoft VPN Adapter IM Filter Driver
Driver Reference Table - vfilter.sys
Please uninstall that driver immediately and retest the problem.

There are other drivers that are also out of date, and could be the problem:

**************************Sat Nov 17 03:34:32.610 2012 (UTC + 11:00)**************************
[COLOR=#ff0000]ASACPI.sys                  Mon Mar 28 13:30:36 2005 (42476C4C)
virtualnet.sys              Thu Dec 11 14:52:00 2008 (49408E60)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#ff0000]vfilter.sys                 Fri Jan 16 18:58:27 2009 (49703E23)[/COLOR]
KMWDFILTER.sys              Wed Apr 29 16:20:48 2009 (49F7F1C0)
amdxata.sys                 Sat Mar 20 03:18:18 2010 (4BA3A3CA)
Lbd.sys                     Fri Feb  4 01:23:53 2011 (4D4ABA79)
Rt64win7.sys                Fri Jun 10 16:33:15 2011 (4DF1BAAB)
[COLOR=#0000ff]SBREdrv.sys                 Thu Oct 27 03:41:21 2011 (4EA83831)
sbapifs.sys                 Tue Nov 29 13:18:16 2011 (4ED440E8)[/COLOR]
lvrs64.sys                  Wed Jan 18 17:40:36 2012 (4F166964)
lvuvc64.sys                 Wed Jan 18 17:41:08 2012 (4F166984)
nvlddmkm.sys                Fri Feb 10 13:02:58 2012 (4F347AD2)
VBoxNetFlt.sys              Tue May 22 22:25:37 2012 (4FBB85C1)
VBoxDrv.sys                 Tue May 22 22:25:38 2012 (4FBB85C2)
VBoxNetAdp.sys              Tue May 22 22:25:39 2012 (4FBB85C3)
VBoxUSBMon.sys              Tue May 22 22:25:39 2012 (4FBB85C3)
[COLOR=#0000ff]avgtpx64.sys                Wed Aug 22 00:16:24 2012 (50339838)
avgrkx64.sys                Fri Sep 14 10:41:40 2012 (50527D44)
avgloga.sys                 Fri Sep 21 11:23:51 2012 (505BC1A7)
avgtdia.sys                 Fri Sep 21 11:25:33 2012 (505BC20D)
avgldx64.sys                Tue Oct  2 11:05:50 2012 (506A3DEE)
avgmfx64.sys                Fri Oct  5 11:08:44 2012 (506E331C)
avgidsha.sys                Mon Oct 15 12:22:54 2012 (507B656E)
avgidsdrivera.sys           Mon Oct 22 21:47:11 2012 (5085242F)[/COLOR]
Driver Reference Table - ASACPI.sys
Driver Reference Table - virtualnet.sys
Driver Reference Table - vfilter.sys

The drivers in blue:
I'm assuming these are your Antivirus/Firewall Protection drivers. Just a suggestion (you don't need to follow my suggestion), use an antivirus software like Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows
avast! Free Antivirus | Download Antivirus Protection Software
- these antivirus softwares take up less space, and are free (and easy to use).
Just a suggestion.

Thank you General,

I will try these things out and let you know what happens.


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