BSOD and Crashes - Need help please

I've been having a bad day today. This afternoon I lost internet connection to my PC only but it came back about half an hour later. I thought it strange but was glad I had it again. I then noticed that windows update had found 10 important updates but could not complete installation so I'm not sure if this has something to do with my problems.
A little while later I had a BSOD..followed by many more.
I had no idea of the cause but tried a system restore. It would not reboot after this so I went into safe mode and it said that restore had completed.
After two attempts I rebooted in normal mode.

I have had repeateded browser crashes and game crashes since then and another BSOD.

I run Windows 7 64 bit and use the latest Firefox.
I'm including my minidump zip and really hope someone can help me.
I'm getting quite stressed. Thank you for any replies.



Update this driver from Razer's site:

DB3G DB3G.sys Mon Nov 07 01:33:11 2005

If there is no update (you should check after downloading), then remove the hardware from the system and use something else. Uninstall the Razer software. They are notorious for drivers and this is no exception.


Follow what my signature says to do.

I have downloaded the Windows 7 driver for my mouse. It is the only one they say is compatible.
I have no other mouse at the moment.

I have downloaded the Windows 7 driver for my mouse. It is the only one they say is compatible.
I have no other mouse at the moment.
Unfortunately, your pc doesn't stop to check with you about that before it crashes some more...get my point?

Not really...I don't understand why that would cause all this or why using different drivers (officially compatible?) would help. I also cannot find drivers by just the download name on the Razer site.

I have found this one..would it be the one you mean?,76,17

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Please go somewhere else for help if you don't wish to respect the opinions of mine.

I asked you to check the driver date after downloading and to post some screen shots.

It is likely that it is still the same notorious 2005 driver.

Please do not be rude! I came for help and did not understand your post.
I was confused and asked you to clarify.
A little patience and understanding goes a long way on help forums.

I'm unsure how to check the date of the driver itself. The creation date listed on the offficial site for the driver is 2009.
I'm sorry I don't know how to do everything or understand everything but I do not think I deserve to be flamed for not knowing. :(

Yes, honestly you do.

You are questioning my abilities when I have given you perfect advice. You do not wish to follow it and I do not wish to help you any longer. I'm not here to play answer 20 questions while I fix your machine for free all at the same time.

It really is that simple.

I downloaded and checked the driver myself for you out of kindness. It is still the notorious 2005 driver which I have personally witnessed crash hundreds of machines.

Hope that answer sets your machine well, or at least, one of the multiple issues you may or may not have.

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