BSOD and Dump files

I need help, please.

I am getting BSOD's and mention of dump files.
I found the dump files but can't read them. Do I need a special decoder ring?

I have attached one of the files, hoping someone can read it and tell me what the problem is.
Or teach me where and how to easily read a .dmp file.


Hello welcome.

Yes, a special decoder ring along with tons of knowledge, heh heh. Thankfully you have us here. :)

Uninstall your Panda software. Replace with MSE.

Windows 7 -64
Asus P5Q L Pro
Corsair 1066 4G

Lastest updates

Ran mem86 last night and it stopped."unexpected interuption"
Now it sounds like a MB or Mem failure.

Can someone please read my dump file, so I can correct this problem?

This computer is used by a handicapped person in my family and I would like to get their entertainment going again.


Hey Weetoots. :) I didn't randomly guess that you have had Panda installed, as I have read your crash dump.

So how is the machine going now that you have removed Panda and replaced with MSE.

Surely well, I would hope and now guess.

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