Windows 7 BSOD and PCI slots


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Feb 9, 2009

I installed 64 bit Windows 7 today and all is well until I insert my PCI wireless card. I have an 8800 GTS sitting in one of my PCI-E slots. When I have that in the computer starts giving me blue screens of death pretty quickly, with the 0x00000124 STOP code.

I found this: A "0x00000124" Stop error message occurs when you use the "hot plugging" feature to add or to remove a PCI Express device on a Windows Server 2008-based computer or on a Windows Vista-based computer, which seems related, and was wonder if there is a similar fix for 7, or if I'm just destined to not get to use my PCI slots if I have my graphics card in.

Hot plugging? You shut down the PC before you put the card in yeh? Make sure all your chipset drivers are installed and working also
Ya, it's not precisely hot plugging. I did shut the system down when I've been taking the card in and out.
I seem to have narrowed the blue screens down to only when the wireless card is plugged in. It might be correlated to the use of the network through it, but I've had BSOD at the login screen, so that suggests that it isn't just the traffic through the adapter. I'm testing more to continue to narrow the problem.
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