BSOD at login even at safe mode.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by Deantjah, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Hello everyone,

    First of all: I'm very new here, I just registered to get some help because i'm in dire need of help. Really, really needy.

    My apologies for the wrong layout that needs to be done here but I really can't use that layout, because:
    * I can't install anything because I can't login even not in Safe mode
    * I'm on my 'slower' desktop now
    * I'm not gonna 'waste' time because i'm in my exams and need my laptop for it

    So here goes my small explanation.

    Today I started my laptop and first thing I noticed was: Damn, it's rather slow starting. I put in my login credentials and bam. BSOD. In the picture below you see what kind of BSOD it is. CI.dll has something to do with it.
    I also tried system restore in safe mode, but when it was initializing it suddenly had another BSOD (0X0000004F if I'm not mistaken). I'm not on Hiren's boot cd, browsing the files on my laptop to back them up but the most important map that I really wanted to backup seems to be empty. Is this because of the failed System restore or... Well I don't know, I give up :(
    I'm in my exam period and I really need my laptop to be running again. All help will be heavily appreciated!

    The laptop is an Asus N56VZ running Windows 7 home premium x64.
    8GB Ram, i7-3610QM, GT650m 2GB DDR3.

    Thanks in advance and please reply asap. :)

    Sincerely, Deantjah

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    Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!


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