Bsod - bad pool header

I've been wrestling with this computer for a couple of weeks and this is the closest I've gotten to normal. I got it to start but then got zapped by a BSOD (information attached.) All I could see was 'Bad Pool Header' at the top of the blue screen.

Now I'm running in safe mode, and I followed the instructions with 'minidump.' I hope you can help. Thank you. View attachment


The Creative drivers could be causing issues. They do this a lot. As a test, it would be worth seeing what the stability of the system is like with the Creative card removed for some time.

Your Realtek HD audio driver can use an update:
RTKVHD64 RTKVHD64.sys Wed Oct 21 10:27:48 2009


Whichever Acronis True Image product you have installed is too old. You should definitely uninstall it. These drivers are too old and cause problems:
tifsfilt tifsfilt.sys Wed Aug 29 08:37:29 2007
snapman  snapman.sys  Thu Nov 22 03:19:33 2007
tdrpman  tdrpman.sys  Mon Nov 12 08:36:33 2007

AVG is notorious for bsod. Really bad. I would definitely uninstall this with the special tool at the following link, in safe mode. MSE is a great replacement which never causes bsod in any circumstances and is resource friendly (unlike AVG.)

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums


Follow this all and you'll be well off. You can resort to removing the Creative card if the software suggestions do no fix the problem. They should though.

Keep us updated. Good luck and enjoy.

thanks for the quick answer. I've uninstalled all the Creative stuff. I'll take the card out next.

I am unaware of any Acronis True Image stuff on my box. I'll look to see.

Also, (CAUTION! IGNORANCE ALERT!) what is MSE? I know AVG is my antivirus, which has never caused a hint of a problem. I don't know what MSE is, tho. Sorry.

I think the errors are mainly related to Acronis but ya can't really say AVG never caused a hint of a problem. You posted 5 crash dumps and there's a good chance AVG is responsible.

I would start with uninstalling the Acronis. If errors still happen, remove AVG in the method described. Replace with MSE.

Don't forget the Realtek update of course.

MSE is Microsoft Security Essentials, a free antivirus solution.

I'll do what you are suggesting. Obviously you know more about this OS than I do.

It is curious tho. I have no recall of ever running Acronis, and there's nothing in my installed programs list. I'll continue to hunt, tho. It must be showing up in my minidump or you wouldn't be mentioning it.

I'll take AVG off as instructed.

Here is something I picked up in DISK MANAGEMENT: I have 3 HDDs installed. What I did when I got Win7 was buy a 1 TB drive and make it C:. The D: drive is labeled 'Old WinXP' but I never got around to getting rid of the OS files because it's on a partition with a lot of stuff I would lose if I reformated.

Now, however, I see that D: is the ACTIVE partition. Somehow I don't think that is good, so I think I'll remove the drive from my collection. I assume I'm correct that the ACTIVE partition should be C:, though C: has no such designation.
Thanks again, TorrentG. You are a godsend.

JACK in Phoenix.

You're welcome.

Active partition just means it's the actual one that is seen by bios, like when boot files are located on the drive. If you remove the XP drive, there is a good chance that Windows 7 will not boot because of it. In all likelihood, the boot files were placed on the XP drive during Windows 7 install. That's because it was probably the first drive seen by bios.

XP actually being on the drive is no problem.

Check the uninstall programs list for anything Acronis. Use that to uninstall. Click "uninstall or change a program" above where your hard drives and dvd drive is shown, after clicking Computer.

how about once I get the other stuff taken care of I remove the drive with XP on it and reinstall Win7 on C:? Will that help

ps: Man, don't ever get old. I used to really dig this stuff, but my brain isn't keeping up. I'm a 286 in an INTEL Core i-7 world. Sux.

No need for reinstall. If you take care of removing the AVG and Acronis softwares, that's all that's needed to make things well.

If you really want to remove the XP drive for any reason later on, I can show you how to move the boot files off that drive and to the 7 drive. This way, the whole data that's needed to start the machine and run Windows 7 could be on the one drive by itself.

Really recommend taking care of the bsod problems first though.

will do. In the AM, tho. I'm outa gas. Thanks again Torrent.

Hey Torrent. Here is the resolution. After being unable to get my box to boot and remain stable, I got frustrated and decided just to install WIN7. That did not work, either. So I gave up, bought a new HDD from Fry's. Not even that worked, so I started paying close attention to the error codes that it was throwing.

It turns out to be a problem with RAM. I had 8 GB, but I started removing 4 g at a time until I found it. Everything works just fine now. Thanks once again for your help.

Jack in Phoenix

You're welcome.

If you were seeing memory management or memory corruption errors, those usually do not mean a physical problem.

Glad it seems resolved now! Hope it continues...if you have further problems, please let us know and we'll do our best to help.

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