BSoD before even complete Win setup


I had a fresh installed Windows 7 for like 1 month. I had the last drivers loaded, everything was working perfectly. Suddenly, this morning, the system became unstable, the flash web pages were too slow reading and processing and finally BSoD with 'nvlddmkm.sys' came up.

I restarted the system many many times but I never got it to enter windows normally, even though it did enter in Safe Mode. I formatted the PC (maybe this was my mistake), setting up windows 7 again. The process went fine, it restarted for the first time the computer after the copy but it couldn't run and finalize the setup due to the BSoD 'nvlddmkm.sys' again.

I have read the sticky post in this forum concerning *.dmp files but the problem is that I cannot access windows neither normally nor via Safe mode because the installation isn't complete. Not even the safe mode with command prompt is working.

What can I do?

Thank you

Hello and welcome.

Clean install Windows while also formatting the partition you're installing to.

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Hello TG.

I have done this procedure 4 times from this morning and in all of them I formatted the partition drive and did a full clean windows install. And each time the same problem occurs.

First, "Load Optimized Defaults" in the bios and save. Turn off the machine. Remove the video card and plug the monitor into the motherboard instead. Install Windows while formatting too.

If that goes well, turn off machine and reinstall video card. Boot to Windows and install the latest driver:


If that process fails, then low level format the hard drive with Killdisk then install Windows to it.

It is very likely that your video card is defective. I would inspect the fan that it is in good working order when it is out of the machine.

If you don't have onboard video, let me know. There's something else we can do instead.

I am at work now. First thing when I return home will be to check up with the suggestions you gave me. I'll come back in a few hours to post the results.

Thank you TG.

View attachment Ok, status update.

After a few hours spending on all this, we have new facts.

I have nvidia 7600GS SLI video card. So I have changed places between the 2 cards and the problem was there again. Then I removed one card, formatted partition, setting up windows again everything went sweet. I installed motherboard and nvidia drivers and everything went fine.

So I decided to put the second card with the SLI bridge in, reformat and reinstall windows. Surprisingly everything was ok and I finally booted in the windows. I installed moherboard drivers and audio, all normal. But when I try to install the nvidia drivers then the same BSoD appears with the 'nvlddmkm.sys' error again, it doesn't install the drivers but fortunately it starts windows normally. So I think I've made a huge improvement but now I am struck at nvidia drivers.

I include the *.dmp file.

Sorry for the format of my previous post, accidentally the zip file went first. I don't know how that happened, first time user here and I think I messed it up a bit.

No sweat. :)

The bsod is a 0x116 video tdr failure. It is very likely there is a card defect. But there are many things we need to do first to attempt to stabilize the system.

1) Install the latest bios for the motherboard from the manufacturer's site. This is a must.

2) These Conexant modem drivers have to be updated as they're too old:

VSTDPV3 VSTDPV3.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:32:04 2008
VSTCNXT3 VSTCNXT3.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:29:13 2008
VSTBS23 VSTBS23.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:30:15 2008

If you can't find a July 2009 or newer update, remove the modem from the system until this video issue is either sorted or we come to the definite conclusion there is a bad card.

3) Update the Realtek HD Audio driver.

RTKVHDA RTKVHDA.sys Fri Dec 25 05:28:19 2009

The easiest way is like this, so please follow it.

Open device manager and right click on it. Choose Uninstall. Then check the box to delete the driver. Hit ok and continue with that.

When done, install from here:



4) Install the latest nForce chipset drivers for your motherboard from here:


5) Finally, install the latest GeForce video card driver from the same link as the previous step.

Good luck and please keep us updated on how it's going and/or post new crashes if necessary.


Make sure your power supply is sufficient to handle the load of both cards and the rest of the system. Do you know how many watts it's rated at? Also make sure all the internal connections for power are well to the cards. Use different rails for each card. Do not put both on the same line from the power supply.

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Hello again.

Sorry for my absence but a sudden business trip kept me away the last 3 days.

I am not very keen on what I am gonna say but I cannot find the bios update to install. I simply don't know. I am searching for a bit now and all I found is this page:

from that directs me to buy the product so it will automatically do a bios update for me. I think that this page isn't saved on my pc and it shows the results.

Or else, the Belarc Advisor Current profile concerning the motherboard is,

Main Circuit Board

Board: C19/MCP51
Bus Clock: 266 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 06/15/2007

I wonder if you can help me find the necessary update to my bios to start doing the things you suggested me.

Thank you.

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