BSOD, Blue screen of death at boot

I have a Vista64 home premium installed on Asus P5B motherboard with Asus 9600 nvidia, 8GB of matching Memory, and raid 0 on 2 500GB 32M cache Seagate drives. Nothing over clocked

I have an issue that I would love some help with:

1. The system will not boot currently. Last week I shut it down and when I came up I had to use the "last know good configuration" to get it to boot because it is blue screening and reboot loop when it tries to launch windows. Safe Mode worked as well. Last night the machine was rebooted again and produced a BSOD when trying to load windows. When I try "last known good config" it fails as well with BSOD. Safe mode still works. >>> I have tried at this point reinstalling 95% of the drivers from safe mode but the machine will still not boot. I am looking for someone that has seen this and can help out.


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Hi jirriki,
we have just had a forum member go through almost exactly the same issues... His problem turned out to be faulty RAM so it may be worth getting that memory checked. Even if it's brand new it can still be bad so maybe it's worth a try..
Oh the forum members name is fatboy and the posts about his problem are in the hardware section of this forum.

The first thing I would try with an Asus board is roll back your network card driver. When I was running my Asus board I updated my network driver I got the BSOD. I rolled back the driver and it went away.
Oh BTW: when I was having memory issues...It would not run worth 2 cents in safe mode either.
Hope this helps you.

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