BSOD cannot update gfx card drivers :/


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ok over the past month or so I have been trying to solve a problem with my win7 installation (build 7232.0.1md64fre.winmain.0980610-1900)

after a fresh install I had to find the smu drivers for my biostar MB and windows installed it's own video driver dated april 09. the gfx card is a 9500GTX+ has the bios

now since then I haven't been able to install any of nvidias driver updates and windows own driver update for my my gfx card, what happens is I install the driver then my system reeboots and as the driver loads after reeboot I simply get a blue screen error :mad:

I have tried various methods of unninstalling the drivers first and also using "" and also unninstalling my antivirus but none of these make any difference I still get the blue screen error "System_Service_Exception" stop 0x0000003B etc etc file mentioned is "nvlddmkm.sys"

now I can continue to use the OS by going into safe mode and removing the driver and letting windows install the default driver, but the tweaker in me is determined to get to the route cause of this problem :cool:

Is this something specific to this build or do I have a corrupted driver file somewhere or is there something simple I need to do with possibly the registry :confused:

If anyone can offer any help I am happy to try :)


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Is this something specific to this build or do I have a corrupted driver file somewhere or is there something simple I need to do with possibly the registry
It's hard to say, but my honest answer is, probably a build (which there is no point in troubleshooting) to driver issue.
Newer build (wait till shelf release) may not have this issue. I know I don't.

This is of course,, my opinion, which doesn't necessarily reflect those of others.
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to test the theory it might be the build i have done a clean install on a spare partition of win 7600rtm and installed nothing else. windows installed the gfx card driver and I then installed the coprocessor driver from my manufacturers website.

i then attempted to install "190.38_desktop_win7_winvista_64bit_international_whql" driver downloaded from the nvidia site and i got the same BSOD sketch

i think this proves it's not version specific and there are no other programs outside of windows that can be interfering :confused:


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Ok,, well that is a problem....

When you install the driver,, are you right clicking and choosing Run as Admin?

When you do a fresh install of 7...

When you first install 7 and it asks you about settings, tell it you will configure it later. This is telling Windows Update not to run yet.
Do not let windows update install any drivers if you can help it
Do not install any software at all.
Then install Chipset and motherboard drivers first,,

Your system should be using generic VGA type drivers to start off with. If not,,,,

Go into Device Manager and uninstall the driver from there,, if/when it asks to remove drivers, say yes.
This should revert you back to the generic VGA Drivers.

Then try the nvidia drivers.... You are getting ( i think) a driver conflict.
between the Windows Update install of the driver (which you don't need, and should never install) and the official one.

However, I am not running 7600, and I have an 8600GTS with all the latest drivers.

However,,,,, searching google,, this error seems to go back a long ways. I have never experienced it myself.

The other I might suggest is a BIOS update, if available.

Configure Automatic Updates to only do critical updates and check for Recommended every once in a while and hide all drivers as they appear. I never run driver updates from Windows Updates. They have always caused some sort of problem with numerous systems I have used, built, worked on, or sold.
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It seems that I have the exact same problem as you do Ickymay..

Now the weird part is that I ran this exact same specs before with Windows 7 and had absolutely no problems at that time. Never occured any BSOD or anything like it.

Now that Windows 7 has been updated a bit more I felt the need to try it out again and so I did, downloaded a new RC and installed it again, but this time, BSOD occur randomly. On the other hand, when I uninstall my GFX drivers it seems to run okay.

From what I remember last time, there was no GFX updates for my card for Windows 7, so that time I went with Vista 64bit (as I am using 64bit Windows 7 also) and I am gonna try that as a last resort, now I am gonna try what Tepid suggested and uninstall the whole GFX driver in Device Manager and afterwards install the Windows 7 driver for my GFX.

I am running on a Gainward 8800GT PCX 1024MB TV DUAL DVI.

I will be back when I tried it out to tell how it goes.


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I am happy to say this problem for me is solved :D

the cause was avira antivirus which for some reason was messing up the gfx card drivers updates and now that it's removed the problem has gone :cool: