BSOD caused by ntoskrnl.exe and ntfs.sys...please help!!

i just want to ask for help on how to solve random blue screen of deaths on my newly purchased netbook.
if i'm not mistaken it is caused by these drivers: ntoskrnl.exe and ntfs.sys ; i don't know how to fix the problem.
i've already brought it back where i purchased it and they sent it on repair but when i start it up again, it crashed again as soon as i finished the set up so i tried to solve the problem by installing RegClean Pro and on 1st scan it fixed almost 180 errors. i thought i finally solved the problem because i was able to use my netbook for almost 2 hours without
the BSOD but when i start it up after more than 24hrs of being shut down, it crashed again. i hope you can help me solve this problem, it's very annoying and frustrating!!!!

I have attached the dump files and other things as instructed..
hope to hear from you soon!! Thanks in advance!!!


hi there again,. Yesterday after i post this thread i installed and run ccleaner and i was able to use my netbook for more than 2 hrs without having bsod until i decided to shut it down and go to sleep..but this morning when i tried to start it up again,, the bsod appeared again so then i run the bluescreen viewer to know the driver that caused the crash and it was the ntoskrnl.exe again ang the new one which is the mfehidk.sys...and i was surprised to find out that the dmp files that i sent previously weren't in the minidump folder anymore..i wonder why?? Were they erased by the ccleaner??

Another thing that i find strange is that i can use my netbook decently, without experiencing bsod, only when i'm using it after midnight.. Isn't it strange?

Hope to receive a reply from you soon.. Can't wait to get rid of that problem! Thanks again in advance!!

these are the new dmp files on my minidump folder...


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