BSOD crash

Thanks a lot for the replies emler and nmsuk. I am going to try updating the AMD USB filter, if I still crash I will try to run verifier with USB devices unplugged. Hooked up to the USB ports are a Microsoft wireless receiver for a keyboard and mouse, wireless receiver for Xbox 360 controller, 1tb Seagate external HD and a Razer mouse.

Thanks again for all your help!!
You guys are a god send

Hey Elmer,
How do you do the Bugcheck Analysis? I think I can help myself with some this is I knew how to do that and find what driver is at fault. When I look at that last dump file in Blue Screen View it says it was caused by the ntoskrnl.exe driver, so I know I'm not reading the file right...


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I use the WinDebug tools (as does everyone else!) to read the files.
What happens is that when you see "Was probably caused by", it's pointing towards the last driver that was called before the crash so it gets blamed. Things like "WhoCrashed" and "BlueScreen View" will tell you the stop error code but very little else that will help you find the real culprit.
Now, if the file that gets blamed is a Windows system file, it can pretty much be discounted as being the cause. Apart from drivers that you pick up on with experience as known trouble makers, basically anything non-Microsoft that pre-dates 13 July 2009 can be considered as non Windows 7 compliant. And that's a loose rule!!

There's a thread here on how to set up Debugging Tools.

Thanks again Elmer. Trying to learn as much as I can, I've never had a BSOD before and I've used Windows OS's since 98. Who knows?!?!? I updated the AMD USB filter driver, I also saw that the driver for the xbox 360 wireless receiver was dated 8/13/2009 so I downloaded and installed the driver from Microsoft but the date didn't change, I also tried the update drive button and browsed for the driver on my computer and installed it but it's still dated 2009. Do you think they really haven't updated since then? I know the Razer mouse driver is up to date I did that yesterday, along with it's firmware. Does my external HD have a driver?


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I've had a quick look for newer drivers for the Xbox receiver and can't find anything. Date wise they are "OK" with Win 7.

Your external HDD should use the generic usb mass storage drivers.

When I look at my device manager, under mice it has two HID-compliant mouse listed, it looks like on for the Microsoft mouse and one for the Razer, but the driver are dated 2006. Do these need to be updated separately or is this normal. I know you said drivers before 07 are generally non win7 compliant, so this had me worried.

I just noticed that the drivers for my Razer mouse are dated 2009 in the device manager, but I downloaded and installed one yesterday, that was dated 2011. Is this normal to not be showing the 2011 date?

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I would say the MS drivers would be OK, if they weren't MS would definitely updated them. When made in 2006 they would have known what they were up to and 'future proofed them'. Razer drivers might not be in the same position. Your Razer mouse would run on the MS generic drivers but you no doubt would lose a lot of functionality. Which model is it?

(BTW it's '09 not '07 :))

There will be 3 dates in the properties window. The "modified date" is the one to check.

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Thanks for the info. My mouse is a Deathadder. The settings customizer software that Razer included seems to be working, I can change the dpi, sensitivity etc, I wouldn't think the Microsoft drivers are capable of this. The properties only shows a Driver Date, don't see a modified date. I attached a screen cap.

Got the debugger running and finally did a Bugcheck "correctly". Got the same results as you. Thanks again!!!!


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The properties only shows a Driver Date, don't see a modified date. I attached a screen cap.
My apologies, I go into the drivers folder and r-click the actual driver! Never thought about device manager.

I see. Thanks for redirecting me. The modified date is 2010, but the driver I installed, says in the description on Razer's website says that it was modified June 2011. Hmmm...? On a real positive note, my computer is now running with verifier on (i'm on a different comp right now) with the same settings as before and all USB devices plugged in and its been about 15 minutes now with no BSOD. Before it got the BSOD right away on boot up. So we're definitely making headway!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! How long should verifier run? I'll let you know if I get a BSOD I can't solve, but for now i'm hoping I wont see one for another 13 years! Knock on wood. Thanks again!

Ok so I didn't get a BSOD but my computers vga output just stopped. No signal. Is this a clue to anything? My USB devices still have power, can't tell if they are working though. Should I wait and see if the signal comes back. Is this ordinary when verifier runs?

EDIT:USB devices power went off shortly after, I figured this wasn't normal and a sign of failure. So I restarted the system and turned off verifier in safe mode

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So my computer just crashed again the same way, vga output signal stops, usb ports stop outputting etc.. but this time it had a dump file. The faulty driver is usbstor.sys . Any idea what thats related too?


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Can you run with another mouse for a while? Oh, and stick the dump file up please.

Your graphics card can black you out to protect the system. Are you over heating?

The usbstor.sys driver is the (Windows) USB mass storage driver.

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Heres my specs from speccy:
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bt SP1 OEM
MOBO: Foxconn 2AB1
CPU: Amd phenom ii x4 925
RAM: 8 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666Mhz (9-9-9-24) Should that last one be set to 24? seems odd..
Graphics: Ati Radeon HD 4200
HD: Western Digital 1 Tb @5400RPM w/ 2MB Cache SATA
AUDIO: Realtek High Definition Audio
BIOS: American Megatrends, thats all I remember for the bios, i'll have to get the version once i can boot the computer again
PSU: Thermaltake tr2 650w, single rail, 44 ampps

And just as i was finishing typing the audio, it crashes again the same way. Do you think usbstor.sys is related to my external HD?

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Could you go into your bios and set the memory voltage to 1.60V or as close to it as possible. It'll probably be 1.65V

Could you also while in the bios, take a note of the cpu temp when first entering the bios and then 15 minutes later. Board Temp would be useful too.

Take note of the voltages Vcore 12V 3.3V and the 5V and Vdimm if it has a sensor for it. If you watch them for say 5 mins. Do they ripple up or down by much?

The Sensor and voltage outputs should be in pc health or something to that effect.

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Will do. I know my cpu temps range from 30-40c, haven't seen it break 40. I'll check the voltages and let you know. I just added to my specs my psu, it is a Thermaltake tr2 650w, single rail, 44 ampps. Should I still use previously suggested voltages? Thanks!


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Are you talking about the BIOS setup utility? I couldn't find voltages in there


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Could you take pics of all the screens in the bios and post them? See what we have to work with. Is this a HP system? If so can you supply the exact model for the machine.

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