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I am new to the forum. I am using Windows 7 64bit and have recently been getting the BSOD. It only happens when the machine is left for say 20 minutes. If I am using the machine it never happens! If I go for a cup of tea and come back 20 minutes later the BSOD has appeared.

I have disabled power saving thinking that may be the issue. I haven't added any new hardware recently. It could have been happening for I while and I havent noticed it.:confused:

Any help would be appreciated.

I have attached the latest crashdump file.



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I am not the expert on this and there is a separate BSOD forum, but it looks like Symantec could be involved in the dumps. Can you turn off Norton to check if the issue clears up? If it is not a real time protection issue or some scan causing the BSOD, it might not help.

Because something is identified as being the cause of the problem does not always mean it is, but possibly is just getting caught in the middle.

BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff880013d9b68, fffff8800a597a40, 0}

Probably caused by : SYMEFA64.SYS ( SYMEFA64+101b68 )

Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\NISx64\1301010.003\SYMEFA64.SYS
You also have some older drivers which might add to the situation. Are you running some older software or devices?

Maybe you know or can find out what these are by doing a web search.

MarvinBus64 MarvinBus64.sys Fri Sep 23 16:17:03 2005
SaiBus SaiBus.sys Thu Aug 28 04:04:01 2008
Afc Afc.sys Wed Jul 12 00:48:20 2006
ASACPI ASACPI.sys Sun Mar 27 21:30:36 2005
regi regi.sys Mon Apr 16 10:19:10 2007

A more experienced member will probably come along soon.

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Thanks Saltgrass. I have uninstalled Norton and installed MSE and have not had a crash all day. I updated from NIS 2011 to 2012 online and wonder if this left some incompatable drivers. I will stick with MSE for a couple of days and see if my machine remains stable. If so I will try a clean install of NIS 2012.



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Why not just leave MSE. It is a highly rated AV/AM app and best of all it's free and a very small system resource user.

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