Windows 7 [BSOD] Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal Ntkrnlmp.exe


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Hey there, a bit new to these forums but trying to figure out what exactly is going on. About 2 weeks ago I installed a Wireless card into my PC, I started getting very random and odd blue screens. I attributed them to the Wireless card and removed it. About 1 week ago I decided to re-install Windows 7 (64-Bit, Ultimate) because the blue screens were persisting and they seemed to be driver related. I had been doing fine and not getting any Blue Screens till yesterday and today. I'm now up to 3 already and they're all IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Now I fear this would mean RAM issue but I had MemTest 86 going for over 9 hours and it came up with no errors. So I'm not 100% sure what the issue is. I've tried using WinDbg to figure out the cause but it keeps coming back to Ntkrnlmp.exe, which I'm not 100% exactly what the program does but I do know it's an integral part of Windows 7 for Multi-core machines.

Any help would be appreciated. (Minidumps attached)View attachment

Few more BSOD's View attachment

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