BSOD During start up or at loggin...

So let me start from the beginning, a few years back i built a brand new computer and it ran perfectly for a good while. A few months ago it started blue screening and i ran memtest86+ and got thousands of errors, so i sent it back for replacement, new memory came in and ran fine for a month or so, then again with the BSOD, memtest showed failures again so i tweaked the bios and still couldn't get it to run stable for long periods of time. So i had it replaced again and just got it back, second i start it up BSOD, and memtest shows errors. I honestly don't think its the memory, to get 3 bad sets of ram in a row from Corsair (a company who usually provides a quality product) would be highly illogical. So now im at a stand still, I've run a hard drive diagnostic and found no errors, uninstalled my nividia drivers since that's a common issue and still no fix. Most importantly this is a clean install of Win 7x64 from a new disc, all it has are drivers, Norton Internet Security 2011, and fallout 3. So from where i sit its either my MoBo or CPU, and i really dont have enough money to buy new parts without knowing whats wrong for sure.

System Build:
PSU: Corsair TX 750W
RAM: Corsair TWIN2x4096-6400C5DHX G
MoBo: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
CPU: Intel E8500 3.16Ghz
HDD: Seagate 500Gb
GPU: XFX Nvidia GTS 250

Any ideas are welcome and i will post Minidump files as soon as i can, thanks.


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I hope you are right about Corsair seeing as how I've just recently bought some!! Have you tested your CPU? There is software "out there" to do this, suddenly I've gone google dyslexic though and can't find it!!

(These are off the cuff comments as without a dump file to work off...)

Norton is known to be a cause of BSOD's on some Windows 7 systems.

Download and run DriverView from Nirsoft. With the DriverView window in focus, select all (Ctrl+A) then File > Save selected Items. Save as a txt file and attach to a post.

We'll be able to see if there are any obvious culprits.

P.S. And Welcome to The Forum RapidFire4Life!!

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*Fingers Crossed

We'll i bumped up my memory voltage a bit while waiting for a reply and for now the blue screens have stopped for the time, im going to try and install Norton and see if it stays stable, if its starts again i will definatley try your suggestions and post the dump files, thanks for your help.

P.S. - if you think of the program to test the CPU let me know I would still like to test it.


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Prime95 (New day, new google!!)

CPU - Stress Test with Prime95. ""Run the "Blend" and "Small FFTs" tests"" is, I believe, the standard test method.

If you are going to uninstall Norton, after doing so it would be advisable to run the Norton Removal Tool, preferably in Safe Mode, to remove any left-overs. Download Blue Screen friendly Microsoft Security Essentials as its replacement. Make sure Windows firewall is enabled!

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