BSOD during windows 7 reinstall

Hey guys,

I was trying to reinstall my os after my computer had been acting oddly and during the reinstall I got the nysf.sys error. I tried rebooting but I just get the screen that says windows could not repair the computer automatically. I'm completely lost as to what to do.

I'm sorry if I'm not following forum procedure but I'm posting this from my iPod because I currently don't know how to access my computer. Also I took a picture of the bsod with my iPod if that helps at all. =/

Thanks in advance

I guess to be more specific, I mainly need help just logging back into my computer before I can access the files necessary to determine what caused this problem. Every time I reboot my computer it just sends me to the startup repair and says that it was unable to repair my computer automatically. I've tried:

Hitting f12 and rebooting from the cd/dvd drive with the operating system disk in it
Hitting f8 and trying to restore the system to a previous restore point as well as trying to find a previous image to restore to
Ran a short diagnostics which everything seemed to pass
Talked to a dell technical support dude who suggested I try start my computer in safe mode with networking

Nothing has seemed to work and whenever i reboot it just sends me to the startup repair.


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I would suggest that the most important thing at this point is recovering your data.
Are you able to access the hard drive with another operating system (such as a Live Linux distro or the Ultimate Boot CD)?
If so, have you copied your data onto some sort of removeable media in order to back it up?

After that, I'd suggest these free, bootable diagnostics: Initial Hardware Diagnostics

I presume that you got an NTFS.sys error - which is the file system on your hard drive. This can mean several different things - from file system corruption to hard drive failure. One of the bootable tests at the link above is a hard drive diagnostic.

From Startup Repair you may try running CHKDSK /R /F from the Command Prompt - that'll check the file system structure on the hard drive (but doesn't test the physical hard drive itself). When in the Command Prompt just type "CHKDSK /R /F" (without the quotes - and press ENTER. Then let it run and see what it says on the screen (it may take a while, especially if there is damage to the file system.

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