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    Dell Inspiron 1545 W7 SP1 Intel T6600 Core2 duo 2.4Ghz 4GB PC2-6400 RAM
    I have included all the dumps, CPU-Z snips, RAMMon copy, a screen shot of my W7 updates, and a HTML log of my Dell PC scan. I have tried reading some of the other DRIVER_IRQL threads and tried some piece meal fixes and nothing has worked. The BSOD instances are increasing as I had four or five reboots today alone. I have made no profound software or hardware changes and most of my usage is internet surfing (no porn sites as that is really bad for mal-, spyware AND marriages:p), some games from Big Fish, and whatever downloads I have done to fulfill the requirements here.
    As always Thanks for all help in advance and I apologize if I left any needed information out. The steps were clearly spelled out and all the links worked so... if anything is missing, mea culpa.

    Update:Not sure why I haven't gotten any response but the system is crashing so bad I can't hardly use my laptop even to troubleshoot, let alone post. Guess I'll back up what I have and format the disk if nothing comes my way. I know everyone is busy but I'm getting desperate.

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