BSOD every shutdown....

My computer, as mentioned above, has a constant shutdown error, and also will not 'wake up' if I leave the computer on overnight (ie. screen is black.) No sleep mode is enabled. Have to fully turn off power, reset will simply encounter an error on startup. Other that these two problems, computer is absolutely stable.

I have had these two problems with this computer basically since delivered to me (pre-built, software installed) which would indicate hardware problems, but damned if I can find them! Memtest is perfect (11 passes last night), hard drive scan faultless. I'm hoping it is some corrupted driver. I do not use anti-virus/firewall (or think so!). Was hoping to resolve this myself however the windbg can't sort its symbols out. Much appreciated for any light shed on this annoyance!



Thank you for trying to follow directions well, but you did not post the spd tab. (Your memory is also very likely set unwell.)

Here is a definite fix you need:

Uninstall BlueSoleil.

Now attached spd tabs, only 3 & 4 active...have not touched memory from initial settings are these wrong then? Will uninstall that program hopefully it will fix things up, thanks.


Your memory is very overclocked at 800 MHz 8-8-8-24 when it needs to be at 667 MHz 9-9-9-24.

The fix above was definitely needed, but if any type of issues persist at all, set the bios to correct settings for the RAM.

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