BSOD everytime laptop is used

Starting a few months back, I kept getting BSODs every time I tried to use my computer, usually occurring a few minutes after using the internet. The problem stopped when I started using the safe mode on Firefox. It started up again a few days ago and even got BSODs when running Windows in safe mode. After taking it in to the Geek Squad, I was told it was the work of viruses. I ran two separate programs in an attempt to remove the viruses and one of them managed to get rid of four trojans. However, I still get BSODs every time I use my computer. I'm not sure what I can do any more.

I have attached minidump files from both the beginning and end of the log.

(I am running Windows 7)



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what antivirus and or third party firewall are you using ?

what did you use for virus and malware removal ?

I ran the Avira rescue disk at first, but it didn't help much. I used AVG and that's the program that found and deleted the four viruses. Right now I have Avast! and one or two other programs I was using to scan(I tried to check which ones but before Windows could boot, I got another BSOD "system_service_exception" ).


You have an issue with networking and storage driver, amongst others.

First, you want to boot to safe mode + networking to use the tools found here to remove Avira and AVG completely from the machine. This will clear them which is definitely what you want here:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

Reboot to normal mode after and install MSE since it will never cause a bsod on you.

Then visit Intel's website to update your storage driver. Let the update utility in blue scan and install latest drivers:

iaStor   iaStor.sys   Fri Nov 20 18:09:41 2009
Please let us know if this was successful in the update. If not, there will be other way to do so.


Update your HD Audio driver from here:
 RTKVHD64 RTKVHD64.sys Mon Dec 14 04:56:55 2009


Update your video card driver from here:

nvlddmkm nvlddmkm.sys Fri Jan 08 02:38:51 2010


I still see what I believe to be malware. Download, install, run then update the definitions in a free program called Malwarebytes. Then let it do a full scan on your machine and remove everything it finds.

Please post a new crash dump after all these things, if it is still necessary. If not, please tell us of the success. Good luck.

I'm having problems updating my drivers because I get a BSOD before the updates can finish. I also ran Malwarebytes but it didn't find anything to remove.

Are you installing the updates in safe mode (or safe mode + networking)?

Remove the AVG and Avira from there before updates, as well...

I was running the intel update utility in safe mode with networking when I got another blue screen. Here is the newest dump file


There's still malware on the machine. Not sure why Malwarebytes didn't pick it up. I guess it doesn't have a definition for it yet.

Anyhow, boot to safe mode and navigate to C:\Windows\SySWOW64\drivers and delete szkg64.sys

Reboot to normal mode.

Then clean the registry with Ccleaner. Continue updating everything else after.


Figured I'd mention - any time a machine has been compromised like this, there is no way to tell what it did or can do in the future. It just can never be said with any degree of authority, by anyone, no matter their skill level.

For this reason, I recommend using Killdisk on the hard drive to low level format it. Then proceed to install Windows from the DVD. Only this way, will you know for sure the laptop is no longer compromised.

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