"BSOD/Freezing" even while doing nothing

Hi there!

I've been having a lot of freezes lately. After I rebooted my PC it always says it's a BlueScreen.

Even while I'm browsing the net or doing nothing...it happens! Freezes all the time.

This problem just came out of nowhere. I didn;t even touch anything, install anthing, etc.

Please help! Even while I'm typing this my PC might freeze again...:(

Attached are my recent minidumps.

I'm running a Win7 Ultimate x86

4gb DDR2 RAM

If needed I will supply more info.

Thanks in advance!


Hey there, welcome.

You are having 0x124 hardware errors which are usually not good at all and need hardware troubleshooting techniques. Let's start with making all drivers well, which does have a chance of repairing issues. If not, we'll take things from there.

1) Update your Intel Matrix Storage driver from your motherboard website at the manufacturer:

iaStorV iaStorV.sys Wed Apr 08 12:54:58 2009

2) Uninstall the software associated with this driver to remove it:

BTHidMgr BTHidMgr.sys Mon Mar 05 07:17:09 2007

BTHidMgr.sys Windows process - What is it?

Do the same for this:

vbtenum vbtenum.sys Mon Mar 05 07:16:57 2007


3) Post new crash dumps after making these changes, if necessary and good luck.

Thanks! I'll reply back right away after I've done those steps and if i ran into some problems!

Hopefully my PC won't freeze while I'm doing this


I've done the steps. But after a while it froze again and I had to reboot my PC. This time there isn't any messages that it was caused by a BlueScreen and a minidump wasn't made :(

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Thanks I'll try that.

I'll reply again if needed :D

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