BSOD getting more and more frequent.

Hey, i've been having this problem for a while, and earlier it only came up when playing BF3, but now it occurs all the time, even when in desktop. I've been monitoring temperatures and usage on my components, which seemed like the logical error from the start.
It's usually the 0x0000003B, but i've also had 0x0000001E. Minidump attached, but the latest ones are not saved, but i usually get 0x0000003B win32k.exe error.

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can also add that i've scanned for virus, and it was clean and programs tend to crash (especially my internet browsers)

Update: Im currently loosing files from my computer, and everything is starting to break down. i think i need an answer on this problem quite fast. May this be a virus attack ? My AVG can't find it or anything, but programs are uninstalling themselves.

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I really need help on this one now, it's occuring ever 5-30 minutes, and my computer is as good as useless. Im getting several different types of bluescreens now. anyone able to help me ?

No point answering this one, been trying to fix this problem for a while, but today the whole computer died, and i can't get it started. If anyone has been looking into it, i thank for that.

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