BSOD - hair tearing imminent!!


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hi, I have a had problem for a few weeks now with my pc, I am getting Blue screen crashes at very random times, it may not happen for a week, then i suddenly get 4 in 1 hour and then it will be fine again or sometimes it happens every day, I would be so grateful for any help on this as I am finally at wits end, pc specs and minidump to follow.

Windows 7 64 bit ultimate build 7600
Asus M4A78 socket am2+
Amd Phenom quad 9850 BE 2.5Ghz
Corsair 2Gb pc6400 800Mhz x4 totalling 8Gb
nvidia 8800GT 1Gb PCIe
samsung 500Gb sata master Hdd
samsung 1Tb sata slave hdd
pioneer sata multi speed dvdrw
hitachi sata multi speed dvdrw
EZ cool 700w psu

any help would be REALLY appreciated


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You're getting 0x3b memory corruption stop errors. Usually, this is caused by the antivirus in use. I don't think you actually have one installed. Do you? If not, I'd download Malwarebytes and let it scan the system after installing, running then updating the definitions within it. Let it remove everything it finds. Reboot.


Your Realtek HD Audio driver needs an update:

RTKVHD64 RTKVHD64.sys Fri May 22 14:04:20 2009

Your Realtek ethernet/lan driver needs an update. Open the device manager and then extend the network section. See which exact Realtek lan you have. Then search for it on the left side of the previous link I gave. For example: 8111c

Rt64win7 Rt64win7.sys Thu Feb 26 04:04:13 2009


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no i dont have an antivirus installed yet, i did a fresh install this afternoon to try and solve this problem, i did notice that it crashed right after I installed the audio driver though, but I got it from the asus website in the windows 7 64 bit section, there were no other audio drivers there, i will give your suggestions a try now though, thank you dude

You're welcome.

After updating those drivers and scanning the system, if you still have errors, download CPU-Z. Use it to find out the exact memory modules in use. Then visit the manufacturer's website for the correct voltage, frequency and timings. Set your motherboard bios manually using this info. Many times, the spd defaults of the memory are not applied correctly for some modules, on the motherboard automatically. This will ensure it is correct.

If you still have problems even after doing that, download Memtest86+. Use it to test the memory overnight to see if any errors are caused. If there are, the memory module(s) are faulty.

Let us know how it goes. Keep us updated. :)


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You might check the event viewer to see if any consistent error or warning messages are showing up. That might help lead you to the cause.


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memtest was the 1st thing i tried when i first upgraded the system, it seemed fair to think the RAM could be at fault but it came back as tip top. Malwarebyte also came back clean so I'm going to follow your other advice and reply asap, and thanks again.

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Did you download MemTest86+ to run the Memory Test ?? Because Windows Memory Test is no longer recommend. Run at least 5 to 6 passes.

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yea memtest86 is the only one i have ever used all the latest drivers are now in and i have changed my memory timings but i will have no way of knowing unless it crashes again, i think the problem may be solved (i hope) for now. Now i just need to find out how to get my esata external hdd to auto detect, never had these problems on xp.........

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That's good !! Hope your problem is resolved. If you need anymore assistance post us back.

Good Luck,

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