BSOD hall.dll and 124 errors

Hi all,
I don't have the specific information at hand as I am not at the BSOD PC. I will try to upload the error log as soon as I can. I was wondering in the meantime if anyone out there has had similar issues?

I am overclocking my CPU (2600k with Asus mobo) but it runs rock solid stable under stress in Prime95. The BSOD death normally happens if the PC is idle or when watching video's... I was playing The Witcher 2 and Crysis 2 for hours yesterday without issue! It's so random and some days I get away without it happening at all. For example, I played the above games for around 2 hours yesterday, left the PC idle whilst I had something to eat and watched some TV, when I came back to it it had reset itself due to BSOD. Later my wife and I watched 3 hours of TV on through the PC and nothing went wrong. RANDOM.

The mobo/memory/cpu had already been sent back due to hardware issues with overclocking to as I was getting BSOD all the time as soon as I started Prime95. They determined it was the CPU swapped it out and BAM stable 24hr Prime 95 tests on their end. It is also stable on my end under stress (PRIME95) or games, but seems to happen in low intensive stuff like watching BD movies or leaving the PC idle. Does this not sound strange? Should I increase my memory voltage??

Any comments would be much appreciated.

Captain Jack

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Hello there,

Stop 0x124 are basically means it's some hardware that's causing the system to crash. We BSOD analyst don't recommend to Overclocking. I would recommend to reset all the settings to default values and see if then the system crashes. Go follow this link Hardware Diagnostic | Captain Debugger and run a complete Hardware Diagnostic.

Here is article Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try - Windows 7 Forums

Captain Jack,
I've figured out the issue (plus why not a 2600k? They were made for it!). It was a memory voltage thing.. basically my voltage range was is 1.5v-1.65v. It was set at 1.5v in the bios (i guess overclockers thought it would be more stable with this voltage), but as soon as I set it to 1.6v I haven't had a BSOD YET (crosses fingers).

Captain Jack

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I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for the update. :)

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