BSOD headaches

Alrighty. So I got the BSOD for the first time ever a couple of days ago. I first attempted a system restore, which ended up not fixing it. After that I tried reinstalling windows 7 (the version i've been using the whole time). For some reason it would even blue screen during the reinstall. During this time I wondered if it was my ram so I took one of my two 2gig sticks out and tried to finish the reinstall. Same blue screen no matter which stick I used or even on any slot in the motherboard. After this I tried to install windows 7 on a completely different hard drive to try to eliminate the possibility that it was the hard drive.

I successfully installed windows 7 on a different hard drive and is the one I'm on right now. Still got a bsod probably an hour or two into the new install. I ran the driver verifier as i read to do that on some website and bsod'd before the user login even popped up for windows. That is the only dmp file I have saved so far.

I've had a chance to reinstall several programs I had on my previous install that I've seen people say they have problems with such as daemon tools and itunes but none of them are new. That is to say I had a perfectly working system for several months with these programs installed unless they updated or something to cause the problem.

Ultimately I'm not really sure if it's a software issue or a hardware issue. I've heard motherboards going bad can cause bsod's too.


New bsod after first post both are stored in this zip.

Update: New bsod last night while I slept. Added it to the zips.


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