Windows 7 BSOD Hell


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Apr 27, 2009

First post here, so hi all.

Basically installed Windows 7 on my 2 year old desktop and the graphics card is causing me a massive headache. I've taken it out and windows 7 never blue screens on me so i know this is the issue, I'd keep the card out but aero won't work in the integrated graphics.

This is the system:

Motherboard: Asus P5VD2-MX
CPU: E6300
Graphics: Radeon x1050
RAM: 2gb
HDD 160gb, 250gb.

I've used the microsoft drivers from first install, ATI windows 7 drivers, ATI Vista Drivers, and Asus x1050 drivers.

I've used builds 7000, 7057, 7077 and 7100. The machine BSOD's when it's getting the windows performance scores (or whatever these meaningless scores are called), once the machine restarts it's in windows classic mode and nothing works, I can start in safe mode create a new account and this account will work as normal then bam, bsod randomly, and the same as above, windows classic, and the whole thing is corrupt. I've tried debugging the minidump, but nothing meaningfull comes from it apart from vista driver fault.

As this is beta stages, i'm not holding my hopes up, but if anyone has any suggestions to fix this, I would be very greatful as I like Win7.

Well honestly, I'd suggest going and downloading the RC from Microsoft on May 5th. That way you know your getting a 'clean copy' of it.. ;) Anytime (rarely happens for me but still) I get a BSOD I automatically backup what I can (which usually isn't much as I do regular backups), then do a clean install.. ;) In my opinion, unless you know exactly what the cause and solution is right off the bat, BSOD's are not worth messing around with and just hitting your head against the wall so to speak.. That's what I'd suggest...

I know you said it's your vid card causing the problem but I'm a little confused because you go on to say that it happens randomly.... If you know that it's your video card for sure and nothing else than the solution would be simple.. get a new or at least a different video card.. :) Unless of course it's the drivers causing the problem.. By the sounds of it though drivers aren't going to fix it, at least not for that gpu.. ;) I'd seriously consider getting a new video card..
I've tried clean installs but doesn't help, same issues. When I said it BSOD randomly, it randomly does it, quite frequently, but when I take the card out, and run it from the integrated graphics, it works no problems, no BSOD. I'd run it from the Integrated, but it won't support AERO.

I'm going to wait till the 5th and hope the issues are sorted. Thanks for replying.
Well there ya go! You just answered your own question my friend.. ;) You need a new Video Card... Even on a budget you could pick up a brand new Radeon HD 3450 512MB PCI-E gpu for $50 (CAD).. ;)

I'm wondering if maybe your video card is overheating and thus causing the BSOD... ;) It's a possibility... OR your card could just be nearing the end of it's life and as such is failing randomly..

I don't think by the sounds of it waiting until May 5th is going to make a difference in your particular case... we know it's the video card and you said you've tried every possible driver so I doubt the RC will make a difference.. it might, but I seriously doubt it.. unfortunately...
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