I have this happen daily seems to do something with memory i test with memtest overnight and it came up with no errors.

CPU-Intel Core I7 870
Memory OCZ 4GB
Motherboard gigabyte ga-h55m-u2dh Rev 1.0
Video Card Ati Radeon 5850


Hello and welcome.

1) Uninstall TuneUp Utilities to remove an unnecessary driver.

2) Clear your system clean of all those old Creative drivers in safe mode, using Driver Sweeper from

Reboot and install the latest driver for your card from

Ctafiltv Ctafiltv.sys Thu Aug 14 02:48:33 2008

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Ok Have done all that hopefully it fixes that problem.

#4 new crash dumps if they happen. But if so, and have completed those things, you have RAM issue. Please keep us updated in any case. Best of luck.

Man was going good until today got 3 bluescreens.... I think one was casued by hamachi so i just unistalled that.


Yes, very good move on your part. I dunno how I missed it, but that hamachi.sys was the only suspect driver left. I would have definitely told you to remove it if I didn't miss it, as it crashes Windows 7 all the time. It can't run well on Windows 7 at all.

Good luck but I think you probably fixed it.

If not, there is a definitely memory defect OR improper bios setting in relation to RAM.

Well I found the problem my motherboard set the memory timing to 7-7-7-19 when my stock timings should be 8-8-8-24 which caused my BSOD stupid bios setting memory timing to whatever it feels like.

Awesome. Glad to hear it. :)

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