BSOD in my Mercedes....?

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    Not getting into PC vs Mac debate, just a little humor.

    We are in the 21rst Century. We've been to the moon decades ago. We cracked the DNA code. We've invented some of the most sophisticated weaponry in the world including atomic bombs, precision guided missiles, Artillery Launched Precision Guided Munitions, Snake Robots and Stealth aircraft.

    What would happen if Bill Gates would have been involved with any of these inventions?

    Would it be ok to get a BSOD in a fighter jet? Would anyone buy a Mercedes that had to be restarted every 100 miles or a steering wheel that would stop turning because it needed a driver update? ("d r i v e r"..... update... get it? ;-) What about a cell phone that would call someone Else's Mom because the Sudoku you installed uses the same DLL as your Mom's phone entry...

    Did you know that a fighter pilot MUST do 300 hundred checks before he can take off? Not only that, he must memorize them by heart and do them in 5 minutes. With big things, everything was taken into consideration to minimize casualties and frustration.

    But what about the billions of computer users that depend on computers for work or fun? Do you think it's so hard to invent a system that would make computers more compatible with ANY hardware and software? I'm not talking about viruses and such things that will always be a problem (or will it...) I'm talking about all those software makers that develop software, advertise that it's Windows compatible and off it goes into your computer and wrecks the bejesus out of it!

    Ok, I'll get real. New hardware means new drivers, hence new problems. It would cost too much for companies to resolve every single possible bug before releasing a software program so they just release the first thing that works, pray, and put up a FAQ on their website. If there are too many angry customers, they might even take the "contact us" link off the site.

    So it comes back to the OS developers which in most cases is Bill Gates.
    We all have seen many BSOD posted on these forums and people debugging them. It seems from these debug files that experienced people can find the cause of the BSOD more than 90% of the time. So the question that begs itself is why can't Windows tell us in a friendly popup and not a BSOD that the system would have crashed but since we are nice, we would like to inform you that your ABZ driver needs to be updated because it is 3 years old and is causing memory problems. Or that you might have a bad memory stick and should have it checked. Instead, you get a VERY annoying popup that says "Do you wish to send this to Microsoft?" How many people report? Ha.

    And most of all, PROTECT the memory and system files and DON'T allow conflicting and forbidden access to RAM! I remember in much earlier versions of windows, every little bug would crash Explorer and restart the system. Today, many Explorer crashes just restart explorer on the spot but still, much more stability improvement is still needed.

    How would you feel if 20% of your Google searches would result in a page that would say, "We are sorry, Google had a problem, and we could not complete your search. Please reboot your computer or restart Google to continue." Google would go bankrupt!

    "Get a MAC!" people say. I'm not complaining about Windows, well... maybe I am, but my point is how people are so ignorant and accepted computers the way they are and don't think it can get better.

    I myself take good care of my computer and think I had one BSOD 6 years ago. But that's not fair to people who don't even know how to create a new folder, let alone restore a system. When was the last time someone broke into America's gold reserves or into the White house? Never (I hope) because it's heavily guarded. Well, if the CPU is the brain of the computer, RAM is it's heart and should be guarded as well. Don't say it can't be done because it can.

    I agree that like with any machine, a computer has the right to some sick days throughout the year. But the amount of sick days computers take is simply outrageous and unacceptable in this Century. If I had gone to engineering school, I'd come up with something that would knock the smelly socks off of Bill Gates. I'm surprised that systems with much less problems like the Mac or Linux hadn't become more popular then Microsoft. I can't even explain why I use it. It's just that It's been with me since 3.11 and I got used to it. Yes, I should switch and yes, I should stop smoking and yes to a lot of things, but this isn't about me.

    Anywho, hope you enjoyed my 60 seconds (or was it more...) about fighter jets and Mercedes. :)

    I'll let you in on a secret... Did you know that God created the world with a computer? Seriously! Here's the log files of his creation:
    The genesis.log from God's Unix System

    Have fun! Peace!
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    Awesome post :) Rep for you.
    I completely agree that today's software, and somewhat hardware environments are not only flawed, but outdated.
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    Cool post, the title almost made me believe what it said. ; )

    We can disable error reporting service, can't we?

    A pop-up instead of a bsod would be great, only if the outcome of not shutting down were not irreversible damage or extremely slow operation. Would be cool though if pop-ups could at least partly substitute bsods in windows 8.
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    Ha same. Really good read man. Great post.

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