[BSOD] IRQL scvhost + BF3 crashes. Multiple dumps included.

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    I've tried to cross correlate dates of driver installs with the problems and saw that ZoneAlarm was the problem in one of them but it doesn't correlate to the earlier dump problems... basically I'd been very stable for awhile then I got BF3...

    Firstly, my initial crashes were due to serious overheating. I cleaned everything thoroughly and that is no longer the problem.

    Secondly, I updated my audio and video drivers in trying to fix the BF3 crashing issues.

    I saw in one of the dumps that my old razor diamondback driver was the problem with a crash; I use a logitech g9x now. I searched for the suspected razor driver but win7 didnt find it. Is that possibly because windows is hiding it from me?

    I also experimented with ATI Tray Tools. I want to revert to the previous more stable state so I uninstalled ATT but now even after reverting my old ATI CAT drivers im unable to see/use the catalyst command center... I'm wondering if when uninstalling/reinstalling new drivers the old drivers are there still messing stuff up? I know driver 'cleaning' used to be a thing and I don't know if that could also be a culprit.

    Your help is much appreciated

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