BSOD is now constantly happening. Mainly "fe" error code?

For about a month or so I've been getting various BSOD messages. I have ran "chkdsk" and it came back with everything being okay. I've ran "SFC \SCANNOW" everything came back fine. I waned to run a few more tests (like the ones testing RAM, but with my computer not really turning on for that long now it seems like it might be too hard to do) From what I've noticed in the dump files I think "USBPORT.sys" and "usbohci.sys" are the main problems, but I could be wrong. I'm not really sure what to do now. It's got to the point where it takes a lot of attempts to just log into my computer and even then it doesn't stay on for long (no more than an hour now). I kind of gave up on everything and decided that installing debian as another OS is the next option. I reset my computer back to factory settings but no luck, I'm still getting the error! (Not as often, but this makes me feel like I have a problem with something else? I'm not really sure how to find out what.)

For the record I've had this computer for just over a year now, and everything seemed to be fine until recently and now it just seems to keep going downhill. I also can't give you the more recent dump files because my computer would end up BSODing half way though getting them all together, but I do have some recentish ones and it seems to be the same problems happening. However earlier today I got the 3B error which I haven't really got much before.

I've attached some of my computer specs and dump files. And just so you know right now I'm not posting this from my computer but from a laptop instead.


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I was doing a windows memory diagnostics thing to check for memory problems, nothing seemed to be found but when it went to restart I crashed at the part before you log in "starting windows". So I couldn't really see the final results. =(


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Can you boot into safe mode? If so how's run and is it stable in there?

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