BSOD Keeps happening even after...

Hello there

here is some background of how all of this began..

I bought this pc a year ago in best buy until i decided to install a graphics card that fried my audio in my mother board took it to geek squad in best buy to see if they could fixed it. It wen out to service for 1-2 weeks came back looked like it worked so i was happy download some games surfed the internet and then bam BSOD the pc then turned on by it self then the screen went all colors haywire.

I took it back i end up going to geek squad 4,5 times over the course of 5-6 months,yea i was very frustrated but i was trying not to get mad. now i finally got my pc back with a new hard drive and mother board it was running just fine when one day BSOD came back and Destroyed me again. so now im here hoping this pc right now does not turn off. :tongue:

Im pretty sure i got every thing any help will be much appreciated . thanks


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