BSOD Memoray management Among other things

Well i built this computer and it has been a nightmare for like a month now.
I Keeep getting BSOD's Stating Memory_managment and once in a while i will get a page_fault_in_a_non_paged area or a IRQ Not equal too error. I have run Memtest and it ran for 4 hours then the computer crashed with a BSOD of memoery management it came up with zero erros prior to crash. I do notice tho after the crash that my PCIe wireless network card doesn;t work and i have to reset my computer to fix it. I tried installing SP1 and my computer keeps crash Eigther durning install or right after with page fault error's.,

I am runnin

Pentium Dual core 3.0
2 gigs of kinston value ram
BFG 680i SLI motherboard
2x 7950 Nvidia video cards <-- took one out to see if crash's stopped
2 500gig SATA HD's
1x Sony Lightwriter DVD writer
PCIe Abit AirPace Wifi
Windows Vista 64 Ultimate


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Have you run memtest on one RAM module at a time?

Yes I did i check them in multi- membanks also


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Have you checked for bios updates?

After doing some 'Googling' some pointers 'may' be found in one of these sites:

NVIDIA Forums > NVTcp.sys blue screen (nVidia NAM software) + 680i

NVIDIA Forums -> nForce Mobos

The last link is to the 'Nforce motherboards' section of the Nvidia forums. I've always found this to be a very usefull site so it might be worth having a scan through??

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