BSOD New Build!

Hey all I'm new to the forums. Just rebuilt me a new computer have a new mobo and new processor kept my semi old other parts I installed windows it was working fine but then my screen went blank and it said no signal dvi on my monitor and my computer restarted itself and it was doing several times then at one point I got 2 real quick blue screens so I decided to reformat my SSD and reinstall windows I did that and went to run the windows assessment scoring thing and in the middle got a bsod saying memory management I got off work later today and got the windows score thing to work but shortly after got another bsod and it was a memory one again then my CPU restarted. I have no idea what to do now return my parts and get new ones and try again? Any help much appreciated


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Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis:

At work we run diagnostics on every system that we take in for repair (before we even start working on it). At a minimum, please run the free diagnostics here: Initial Hardware Diagnostics. For more in-depth diagnostics, please run those listed here: Hardware Diagnostics

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