BSOD - not so scary


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Remember the little cute puppy dog that wags it's tail while you do a search in Windows explorer? (Maybe some still have it) I think Microsoft's BSOD sometimes give people heart attacks and should be replaced with a puppy dog that wags it's tail and holds up a paper that has all the information that a BSOD has.


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That would be... brilliant.
Though I personally love the look of a fresh BSOD every now and then, not sure why, it just seems cool ;)


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I agree :)

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Dang! I feel left out....cause I don't get no BSOD's.

Where can I get one?


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Or run Task Manager as admin and end csrss.exe ;)

Captain Jack

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BSOD is good ! When you get a BSOD thank Microsoft because it's protecting your data from getting corrupted by shutting down the PC so atleast you can take the hard drive and plug it in different PC and recover it unless your Hard drive is fired ;).

Data protection is only one aspect of why bsods exist. The other much more important reason is for the actual physical protection from hardware failure. If bsods did not exist, foul software would be able to destroy gear.

(There would be huge class action lawsuits against Duplex Secure, the makers of sptd.sys, part of Daemon Tools - haha)


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I'll usually just reformat Windows, really the fastest solution for me.
Of course if the problem continues, I just buy a new PC. LOL :p

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