BSOD! OMG + a few questions...

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by RandysSOHC, Aug 23, 2009.

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    recently installed windows 7 ultimate... is this 7600? rtm?
    I get this annoying blue screen! whenever I watch 'FLASH' videos or whatever..certain websites will trgger this BSOD
    sometimes the bsod is because of my linksys usb wusb54g whatever...
    & somtimes its because of somthing else...

    I'm awaiting an update for this bsod fix,,,should I be expecting one anytime soon?

    any help would be much appreciated...

    p4 2.8ghz
    geforce fx 6200
    soundblaster 4 or somthin'
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    Depends on where you got the copy from, but from what it sounds like, you don't have a MSDN subscription or TechNet (otherwise if you did, you would know), so I'm doubting you have a RTM copy (unless someone gave it to you or you downloaded it from a torrent site). If you got this copy from Microsoft and it's the Release Candidate version, it's v7100.

    Click on your system properties and it'll tell you which version you have. 7100 is RC. 7600 is RTM. Regardless of version, stop watching flash videos (or whatever).
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    Aside from figuring out which version of Windows 7 you have installed, you should also make sure that you have the proper drivers installed.. ;) It sounds to me like you might have either a corrupt driver, an absent driver or a conflicting driver.. I'd recommend checking all the drivers you have installed and making sure that they are the most recent Windows Vista drivers or the latest Windows 7 specific drivers (if available).. If any of the drivers installed on your system are older then what is available you might want to upgrade them and see if that helps any.. I'd start with the GPU driver first..

    That's an older gpu you have installed and it sounds like it could be the culprit... Some people reported issues with Flash Media in both the BETA and RC.. Most of those people were able to solve these problems one way or another so I wouldn't give up just yet.. :)

    As far as waiting for an Update to this BSOD fix, don't, because there won't be one.. This isn't an issue that every single Windows 7 user is experiencing.. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't release an Update everytime someone gets the BSOD.. ;)

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