BSOD on 7100 Install

Hey, Hope someone is able to help with this... its getting very annoying!

We have been having several BSOD problems installing 7100 on one of our computers. This computer has had 7000 installed on it several times with no trouble.

The computer in question has a 'Asus M3N78-VM AM2/Plus VGA hSLI GBLan mATX' Motherboard.

The problem we have is each time the 7100 installer gets to the last stage of the install 'Completing Install' after the reboot we computer always BSOD's with the error USB_ (I can't remember all of it.. im at work I will have a look tonight.)
The code was error 0x0000007f

I have looked the USB drivers and they have been updated from the 7000 build to the 7100 build. Using vLite I have created a 7100 build and added in the 7000 USBStor drive.

This appears to have worked but we now get another BSOD (something along the lines of) 'power state failure'.

I will try updating the BOIS tonight but I thought I would ask and see if anyone has any other suggestions. I have tried turning the USB etc off in the BIOS and making sure no USB is plugged in during the install.

I am assuming that this is a driver problem? Would anyone agree?

Any help would be great.

Thanks, Joe


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Hello and welcome,

I am not trying to brush you off, but this is a common issue.

Please try looking over the related threads at the bottom of this page.

If you can't find a solution there, I will give it a shot to try to resolve the problem.

Resolved - TV Tuner

Hey turns out it was the TV Turner card that caused this problem. We removed the Hauppauge TV card and it installed no problem. :razz:


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Since Windows 7 is now installed, you might want to try re-inserting the card.

I don't know your exact make and model, but there is a driver and software update available for the WinTV-HVR-1600

Or try Hauppauge's home page:

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