BSOD on boot with 2x2GB sticks of RAM, but fine with 1x2GB stick??


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I have put a fresh install of Windows 7 RC 7100 64 bit onto a new system.
After problems originally installing, I removed 1 stick and it installed fine.
But now whenever I place 2 sticks in, the system crashes about 10-15 seconds after the 'Windows is loading' screen first appears. It boots fine with only 1 RAM module installed.
I have tried both, matched, RAM sticks in each of my 4 slots on the MB, and singularly it will boot.
Have had XP 32bit installed onto this setup with no problems with the memory (other than the 3GB limit...).
All the drivers are up-to-date as is the BIOS. The BSOD flashes by so quick I can't read anything so don't know what error it is reporting.
The system will boot fine with both sticks installed into safe mode, but not normally. :confused:
I have run the memory diagnostic countless times, but still no problems reported.
Does this sound like an OS problem or hardware?
Can anyone help??
Thanks for your time.


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Ok so just read how to read the BSOD. Here's what it said....

Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed...
STOP 0x00000116
and other memory location codes...

Is this any help?

Have re-checked my drivers, and they are up to date.



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I have exactly the same problem.

Here is the BSOD.

If you have any idea what might be the problem please help.

Mine Graphics Card is Ati saphire HD 385.


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Hi guljo,

I'm not too sure what the problem was but it stopped when I did this:
Boot up in safe mode with all your memory installed,
enter msconfig into start menu search and open, <boot> tab, <advanced options>
then edit the # of processors (1 per core) and maximum memory to what is installed (this is in MB)
Then on restart it was ok for me.
It booted into normal with all 4GB of memory installed.

Hope this helps.


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Wow man awesome, it is working.

Owe you a beer ;)


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I was having the same trouble and your solution fixed the problem. Btw, I think specifying the no. of processor cores isn't necessary (at least it wasn't for me).

I was having a very similar problem. I had 4x1GB sticks of DDR2, and I could get as many as 3 sticks to work at the same time, but when i put the 4th one in it would crash every time. What I did was take everything out I could of my computer, my video card, all but 2GB of memory, and my sound card, and i re-installed 7, and now it works fine.

somehow my initial installation was corrupt.

did u scaned the memories for erros?

use memtest and verify that..

it seems that u have a faulty memory stick or maybe both and they only crash when they are on dual channel, test them individually and both at the same time and see what happens, if they only show erros in dual channel and don't have warranty or for some reason u can't get a new pair just try to disable dual channel on the bios, that may help.

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