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we have a random BSOD when running java for a long time. Our application spawns a lot of threads (about 2200), but just a few of them run at the same time. I reada lot of documentation but the best advise was "update your drivers", which is not my case because the problem appears on 4 different computers. The problem happens randomly sometimes after 40 minutes sometimes after 13 hours.

I have attached the dump. View attachment Seven

Your help is sincerely appreciated.
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Looks like it's Java that's the problem.
Remove all traces of it from your system (user JavaRa from here: SingularLabs )

More to follow once I get back from dinner......


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Not much else in the reports.
Try running Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings

Microsoft Application Virtualization driver causing problems with your system. Please un-install it.

Lot's of PC Doctor errors - please un-install that also.

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The tool you mentioned, JavaRa, is not up-to-date with the latest Java version: it installed 1.6.0_26 when the latest is 1.6.0_35.
Moreover our application is a Java application, so we need Java to run it.



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JavaRa was just a suggestion to ease the removal of Java.
You'll have to search the web to find other methods for removal (as I don't remove it using anything but Control Panel...Programs...Un-install a program).
Once all traces of java are removed - then download and install the latest version from the java website and see if that helps.

I'd also have to wonder if your java application is causing issues. Can you run it on other systems without it crashing?

Yes, we have our application running without any problem on Linux.
We got a crash also in another machine with Windows Vista: attached there is the crash information.

Thanks for your help!



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I don't know much about Linux - but I do know that it functions differently than Windows (so working in Linux doesn't mean it'll work in Windows).

The memory dump shows this strange occurrence:

Probably caused by : _(M___

There was a similar occurrence in the last memory dump.
I'd have to suspect that it's your application causing this and would suggest posting in a programming forum for further assistance with this issue: Windows 7 Programming and Scripting

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