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Windows 7 BSOD on Startup, even in Safe Mode


New Member
Apr 30, 2013
Title says it all: Today my computer BSOD'd as I loaded up a couple websites on Chrome (I opened Chrome immediately on startup). Thinking that it could be due to the latest ATI Beta drivers I just installed, I restarted into Safe Mode, and did a System Restore to a point before the Beta driver installation.

This time, the BSOD was much quicker - I barely had time to move around the desktop before it happened. Okay, so I did the last resort: a full hard disk image restoration via Acronis TrueImage Home (the backup date was roughly June 2012, and my computer was relatively new then). Now, if it were some kind of software problem, it would've be resolved, right?

No. BSOD'd once again on loading the desktop, so I decided to go into Safe Mode and run the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool. No problems. Yet another BSOD on loading the desktop. So I went into Safe Mode again and scheduled a disk check C:\ and performed one for D:\ (you need to reboot to disk check C, but not D). While doing so my computer decided to BSOD on me EVEN in Safe Mode. Now, my hard disk is new (been using it since ~1 year ago).

I'm at a loss now. It is impossible that it could be a software issue, considering I restored through Acronis, no? Could it be a hardware issue? The BSOD happened in a flash so I couldn't even read anything. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
The usual presumption is that errors that occur in both normal and Safe Mode are a result of either a Windows problem or a hardware problem. While this is true in the majority of the cases, it's not a 100% solution. For example, recently I saw a variant of the FBI/DOJ virus that manipulated registry keys so that it could affect Safe Mode also.

That being said, the first things we look for are hardware problems - as they're the easiest to test for.
These are bootable, so you shouldn't get BSOD's with them: Link Removed

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis: Link Removed Start it in Safe Mode and run it several times (if necessary) in order to get the reports. You can also copy the report to a flash drive and then send it from another computer.

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