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    Last year, I bought a new ThinkPad laptop from a reseller on eBay. Today, it BSOD'd on boot, giving me the options to repair Windows, or attempt to reboot normally. Whatever's causing the BSOD is apparently a gamekiller -- it happens almost immediately after the "loading Windows" screen appears. Now, the problem -- the license for Windows is genuine as far as I know, but as I just got the laptop when I ordered it (i.e. not the original Windows install disc), I seem to be in trouble when it comes to restoring the laptop. It's running Win7 32-bit. I have a seperate 64-bit license/DVD for my desktop, and an old 32-bit Vista DVD. I am assuming that neither of these discs could be used to repair the core Win7 files? Is it even worth a try? (probably a better chance w/ Vista than with Win7-64, I would think.) If I can track down a friend's 32-bit Win7 install disc, could I use it to repair Windows, or is the disc itself somehow associated with the specific license? Apart from all that, any other advice/suggestions?
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    Have you loaded any drivers or devices recently? Do you know if Windows Update has?

    Can you boot into Safe Mode? Can you access the WinRE (Repair Your Computer) environment from the F8 key or whatever key your system uses, in the same window as Safe Mode (see Attachment)?

    If it was a driver, selecting the "Last Known Good Configuration" would restore an earlier registry and possibly remove a bad entry.

    If you can select "Repair your Computer" it will take you to an option to restore your system to an earlier time, assuming you have a restore point available. Let us know...

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