BSOD on video playback


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I am testing windows 7 on a machine and there are a couple of things that are causing me some grief. One of which is not too bad but the other is a real problem.

The first problem is when I enable the AHCI SATA in the bios windows won't load it gets to the loading screen and then BSOD and reboots. When I disable this and run in IDE mode everything is fine. The experience index for drive data reading is 2.9 which if I am not mistaken is due to the mode that the SATA is being read.

The other is the major issue and its associated with video playback. Whenever I am watching any videos Xvid/DivX I get BSOD after only a few minutes. I have tried many different videos with the same result.

Here are the fixes I have tried:
1. Installed VLC - Still BSOD
2. Tried the windows update driver for GPU and the Latest release from Nvidia Specific for Windows 7
3. Tried 3 sets of Realtek audio drivers for the onboard sound
4. Installed Klite codec pack to try see if it was a codec problem.

None of the above have solved the issue I have reverted back to the original setup and I am at a loss. There is nothing else going wrong so far other than this. No BSOD except during video playback.

System Specs:
Windows 7 build7000 64bit
Q6600 Quad
Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
4GB Corsair Dominator
BFG 9600GT
250GB Sata2 Seagate Baraccuda 7200.10
LG 24" Widescreen

Thanks for any assistance.

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