BSOD only on cold boot

BSOD only on cold boot and only with SP1

View attachment Seven I built this 9 months ago and started having bsod on cold boot, i found that the TP Link wireless software was not compatible with W7. As I had about 20 bsod's, all random drivers, I did a fresh install. After installing mobo and graphics drivers and MS updates I ran mtest for 18 hours, no errors found, ran sisoft, no errors, checkdisk and seatools, driver verifier, no errors.
This machine ran well for 7 months, bsod's started again 6 weeks ago on cold boot, crash dumps showed random W7 drivers, W7 processes being cause, after many hours investigation and testing, cause could not be determined, sfc showed numerous file corruptions, some could not be fixed so I have re-installed afresh.
Yesterday I updated all onboard drivers and W7 updates. I turned on today and had 3 crashes on startup, after 3 bsod I loaded in safe mode then re-started and W7 loaded.
All 3 dumps this time are constant, previously they where random. I need help to isolate the issue.


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This machine only bsod's after SP1 is installed, and only bsod's on cold 1st boot.

I have spent many hours methodically troubleshooting this problem, I have re-installed W7 6 times now, this runs perfectly fine pre SP1.
There is no issue just after SP1 is installed it will run perfectly for hours, it shuts down and starts up without issue, provided it is within 2.5 hours.
The bsod's only occur after the pc has been off for more than 2.5 hours, when I start it from cold it will bsod 3 times in succession then boot normaly, I have cold booted straight into safe mode then restarted and it boots normaly without bsod.

This pc ran perfectly well for several months with sp1 installed, so what has changed? I am completely baffled, I have ran every test under the sun, changed the psu, swapped out memory, changed sata cables. Never overclocked, spent hours looking for root kits.

I need a fresh set of eyes please.

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