BSoD out of no where on new Acer AS1810T (dmp file included)

I want to learn how to read these. I rarely have to deal with BSoDs so I am weak in learning how to deal with them. I know a pretty decent amount about computers, but there is always plenty to learn...

So attached is the dmp file for someone of epicness to read and help me figure this out. If anyone can tell me what is wrong or what to do, it will be greatly appreciated. If someone could point me in the right direction on learning how to read them for future reference, that would be awesome too!

While this BSOD ocurred, I was merely surfing the web and downloading TF2 on steam.
This is the laptop I purchased: - Acer Aspire Timeline AS1810T-8638 NoteBook Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300(1.30GHz) 11.6" 4GB Memory DDR2 667 320GB HDD 5400rpm Intel GMA 4500MHD - Laptops / Notebooks

Excuse my being new to this website. I actually come here often to read about problems people are having and their solutions, but I rarely register for websites.

EDIT: I figured it was a given (or the person reading the dmp would figure it out anyway), but I guess I should mention that the stop error was 0x000003B. I also did a memory diagnostic, that checked out.

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for some reason I couldn't read your DMP file although it is totally possible to purchase bad RAM with a new machine so try checking it with this app:
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

If you can, test only one stick at a time so if an error does crop up you know which stick it is..

Apart from that, check the laptop manufacturers website for updated drivers or bios.. If all else fails and it's still under warranty,take it back!

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