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ive been getting the blue screen of death since yesterday along with many others from what ive noticed (doesnt seem to be a coincidence). So far nothing helps although im currently running malwarebytes to see if the problem is virus-related. Oh and im not that tech savy so take it easy with the "big words" lol.

DETAILS : In ten seconds my mouse flings to the righthand corner and and give me this **stop: 0x0000001E (0xFFFFFFFFC00000094,0xFFFFFF8000C074D1E,0x0000000000,0xFFFFFFFFFFD)


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Hi Lofty,
when a computer blue screens, if the settings are correct, a dump file will be created recording what was the basic cause etc. We need you to upload these dump files to the forum so we can read them and tell you what is wrong. In fact we have an app which makes the process easier. Please read the thread found here:
How to ask for help with a BSOD problem

If there doesn't appear to be any dump files then you'll need to change your settings so that they're created when the machine bsods.
Open the run application.
Type sysdm.cpl in the run box and click ok.
Look across the top of the system properties box for 'Advanced' and click that.
Look for 'Startup and Recovery' near the bottom and click 'settings'.
Near the bottom you'll see a drop down menu under the heading 'write debugging information'.
In the drop down menu choose ' small memory dump (256KB)'
Under 'small dump directory' make sure it says %SystemRoot%\Minidump.
Click ok and your good to go.

You will have to wait until the computer bsods again to have the dump file created but once it does use the app and upload the files.

In the meantime have you considered using system restore to return your machine to a time before it started blue screening?
Restore system files and settings

hhahah turns out ur idea on another thread helped me. turns out it was a virus in my computer. although im kinda stuck with a new problem lol. windows 10 doesnt seem to be able to load itself onto my computer
gives error code: 0xC1900101-0X20017
anyway thanks for your help on the first issue lol


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hey glad to help lol... :) The above error code apparently is because a incompatible driver or hardware is not allowing the machine to boot into an upgrade environment. you get a similar code with windows 8.1 so i assume it means the same thing). Have you checked that your machine is windows 10 compatible? When upgrading make sure all devices are unplugged excluding k'board and mouse. Also turn off any anti-virus apps too.
If you check your optional updates you should have got a update which will test the compatibility for windows 10 or pop along to the compatibility centre:
Windows Compatibility Center


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thanks ill check it out :)

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