BSOD problem.

So, a friend of mine has a problem whit a bsod, he tryed reinstalling windows, but its still there and he doesn't know exactly whats the problem and i told him you guys might be able to help him. I will post a minidump too.


View attachment 092211-17378-01.dmp

this is not a clean install of windows 7 as the driver
[B]RTCore64.sys[/B]        fffff880`07351000    fffff880`07357000    0x00006000    0x42941d90    [B]25/05/2005[/B] 07:39:12
is not native to windows but comes with Riva Turner or one of the programs listed here ?

there is very little information to go on here so I suggest remove RTCore64.sys and post more .dmp files if they occur and in the meantime goto your motherboard manufacturers website and update any drivers that need it ?

He must have gave me an old minidump. I did tell him to save a bunch of them although. I will tell him to remove that file and give me some more minidumps.


well to avoid confusion I suggest post only new minidumps after the RTCore64.sys driver has been removed :thumbs_up:

Will do.


Ok, so it seems it happend again, and this time worse, a lot of bsods:(
He changed the hard disk, he had 2 and took one out, he even took out the video card and used the on bord one.:(
He had the computer broken, his power source died, he bought a new one after 2,3 weeks becose he didn't had the money, so, could it be the new power source, although i don't see why:(

View attachment 092311-17050-01.dmp
View attachment 092311-17612-01.dmp
View attachment 092311-17628-01.dmp
View attachment 092311-17893-01.dmp
View attachment 092311-19422-01.dmp
View attachment 092311-19874-01.dmp
View attachment 092311-32916-01.dmp

It depends what you mean by "new power source", now if this is a retail purchased quality power supply and is sufficiently rated then its very unlikely to be the issue but not impossible ?

however if its a cheap and cheerful replacement or even second hand then it could very well be the cause ?

Back to your .7.dmp files there is a huge variety of reasons cited by windows debugger as probable cause that vary from "memory corruption to ntkrnlmp.exe to win32k.sys to dxgkrnl.sys to fileinfo.sys" and one of the files wont load for some reason ?

I would at this point suspect a hardware problem which could be ram or the motherboard or the power supply ?

If you need help tracking this down you will need to post full and accurate system specs and move carefully with his system changing one component at a time by a process of elimination ?

I told him to give me the full specs. Also told him to reinstall windows, it seems he installed an old version, not windows 7 ps1, and not install any other drivers except the one that windws will.

Also, the power supply is a good one, i told him to give me its specs too, but it wasn't a second hand one or a cheap one.

Also, about the power supply, could it be that the tension (don't know how to explain properly) isn't directed properly? Are there any settings that can be done to ensure it works at full power?

The specs:
intel core 2 duo e 7200
motherbord: Gigabyte g41-m-es2l
4 gb ram TakeMS TMS2GB264D081805KE
Power source: chieftec a80 ctg 500

Can you tell us was this a new build thats always had bluescreen problems, or is it an old build that suddenly started experiencing bluescreen issues ?

well if we work for now with the assumption the power supply is ok, I suggest you burn to CD (using an ISO burner) & run from boot memtest86+ for at least 5 passes, please move the sticks singly and together between slots to verify motherboard ram slots work as well as the ram sticks.

any errors means you have a bad stick of ram or combination or incorrect settings or incompatibility with your motherboard ?

let us know how it goes ?

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Hi Just going to step into this thread could the op update his windows to service pack 1.

Realtek Nic Drivers Rt64win7 Thu Feb 26 09:04:13 2009 need updating from here
Intel Chipset Drivers also look like they need updating. Intel updater
Could you remove Avast and replace it with MSE from Here

If you grab a utility called cpu-z could you take screen grabs of all the tabs including all populated mem slots from within the program please and Post them here as attachments.


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He did a memtest, 10 passes, nothing.:(
He reinstalled windows 7 whit a sp1 one, also he just installed the drivers you guys sed, and he still had one.:(

PS:he removed one of his ram sticks in thie cpu z screenshots.
View attachment 092411-15132-01.dmp

Screenshots from cpu z: 4.jpg 1.jpg 5.jpg 2.jpg 6.jpg 3.jpg

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the variety of bluescreens experienced does strongly suggest a hardware fault ?

my first suspect is the ram ?

can you try a single stick of another brand and test for crashes ?

Yea, i think its the ram sticks, he tryed whit one, nothing, tryed whit only the other one, blue screen. His gonna use some different ram sticks tomorow from work to see how it goes whit those, to be sure its nothing else. Kind of sucks its a hardware problem.:(

Yea, i think its the ram sticks, he tryed whit one, nothing, tryed whit only the other one, blue screen. His gonna use some different ram sticks tomorow from work to see how it goes whit those, to be sure its nothing else. Kind of sucks its a hardware problem.:(
so using one "good" ram stick he had no bluescreen ?

Yea, using one good it didn't do any BSOD, using just the other one, it did. His trying now to put them in different slots to be sure those aren't broken or something and tomorow his gonna try whit different ram sticks.

ahh great thats progress ,

this sounds like you have one stick that's not working or at least is classed as bad and produces errors ?

Also before buying any more please consider that when using multiple memory sticks when combined they can tip the timings past allowable tolerances and cause crashes ?

Because the memory you are using is not rated by the manufacturer on their compatible list means they may never be capable of being used together on your motherboard, or may need some adjustments in the BIOS voltages or timings ?

you can find Gigabytes compatible memory list on their website here ?

When I have more time I will try help but in the meantime if you feel confident you need to look at the spec and timings of the memory in use and make sure it matches to Gigabytes expected tolerances ?

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