BSOD Problems

well after putting my rams settings to how they are supposed to be (7-7-7-24) and not what windows set them at (9-9-9-24) it has seemed to have fixed the problem and not have made it worse. so there's a tip for you making sure that everything is set proply

Glad it seems to be working for ya, and really do hope it continues though. I honestly don't believe that it is going to remain stable if that is the only change.

If it does, then excellent! If not, replace the memory. Let us know how it goes for ya, if possible. :)

well the way i have always understood ram is it has to be set at what you got it as even if it is underclock it becomes unstable. i read this on some forum somewhere and it seems to be working for me. and i'll let you know in a months time, unless it becomes unstable.

I hear that, although I don't think that's so accurate. In any case though, if the pc doesn't crash in like 48-72 hours worth, then that's all it would take I presume to say I'm clearly wrong. If there are issues still, it would crash fairly soon. Once only a few days go by, then congrats would be in order I reckon. Keeping fingers crossed for ya!

well i tested it properly after changing it a couple of days ago by playing games, which was what caused the majority of the BSOD's and crashes. i have had no problems sofar and will post back here on wednesday to let you know how it's going, and to prove you wrong lol.:D

Heh heh sounds good to me, especially since a "few days ago" lol. :) Nice and perhaps, early congrats then!

i had i nice 3 hour play on just cause 2 before i posted, and it's working like a dream :D. thanks for the help that you gave me, and hopefully i don't come across any more problems. but if i do i will come straight here.

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