BSOD Regarding minidump, mainly at startup or within 10 min of startup

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Running Win 7. Usually after startup I get the BSOD-crash-reboot. What's causing this? I tried sys restore, didn't help. Still does it. No new installs of any kind. The screen wont stay on long enough for me to copy the info down and I don't know how to pause it. There is no pause key.
Win 7 Home Prem. ver 6.1.7600 build 7600
Pent Dual Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10GHz, 2094 MHz 2 Core(s) 2 logical Pro
BIOS ver/Date..... Dell Inc. A10, 7/17/2009
64-bit OS
4GB Ram
Avail Phys Mem.....3.38 GB
Total Virt Mem......7.92 GB
Avail Virt Mem.......7.34 GB
Page file space.....3.96 GB
Here is a zipped folder of my dump files though. Can anyone make sense of this?



0: kd> lmvm iastor
start             end                 module name
fffff880`01214000 fffff880`01330000   iaStor   T (no symbols)           
    Loaded symbol image file: iaStor.sys
    Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\iaStor.sys
    Image name: iaStor.sys
    Timestamp:        Thu Jun 04 21:53:40 2009 (4A287AA4)
    CheckSum:         000640D7
    ImageSize:        0011C000
    Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Update -


Update Realtek USB Mass Storage driver:

RtsUStor RtsUStor.sys Fri May 08 04:15:18 2009


Uninstall McAfee and replace with MSE.


Okay, did that. Though I didn'e see anything in device mgr. that said Realtek Mass Storage. Just a Realtek USB 2.0 CARD READER. On reboot I get the same BSOD. I rebooted, desktop came up and a little window w/ some info then BSOD again. I managed to get some of the info from that little window.
OS ver 6.1.7600.
Local ID 1033
BCP1 0000000000000000 (I don't know how many zeros)
BCP2 0000000000000002
BCP3 0000000000000001
BCP4 FFFFF88001123771

Still having same problem though.

Visit Realtek's site to download and install latest driver for the card reader, post the new crash and follow my signature.

(I'm guessing you didn't update Intel driver well yet. Or didn't remove McAfee yet. One or the other.)

Okay, I'm not completely stupid when it comes to computers but I am COMPLETELY stupid when it comes to Forum lingo. Please bare with me. I appreciate your help. I did remove McAfee, I updated the card reader driver. Now what do you mean by "Post the new crash". Do you want me to copy the minidump files again and post them? Is that what you mean? Also, what does follow my signature mean?

lol no problem....glad to hear you've done some good things.

"Post the new crash" - yes, means that you should copy/paste any new crashes to another folder on your pc, then zip them and attach. You can tell when they've occurred by their file names.

"Follow my signature" - means to do what it shows directly below each of my posts. (That area is my signature.)


One further thing you should do, and I was just being lazy by not telling you, is to Google for the McAfee removal tool and use it in safe mode.

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