BSOD - Repeated restarts/BSOD, Sleep mode.

Hi all and thanks for letting me post, I just hope you can help me!

I had my pc custom built and I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit myself on Sunday 6th Nov 2011. Since then I have had numerous BSOD incidents and consequest restarts with "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" messages. These have occurred once while playing Battlefield 2142 (the 1st time it happened in fact), once while simply browsing the web and every other time has been when the comp has been unattended for a while and gone into sleep mode.

I have updated all drivers to the best of my ability, downloaded all windows updates (except the optional language ones). I have scoured the internet for answers and many say its a driver issue etc but as far as I can tell I'm up to date! Is the SSD drive or RAM faulty? I don't know how to check that if it is, but its something others have mentioned.

Please please can someone help me resolve this, I have a brand new gaming rig and I'm spending all my time investigating this rather than playing on it!! Saying that I have played Company of Heroes on Ultra graphics without a hitch... it mainly seems to happen when I'm leaving it to its own devices rather than playing with it.

All help gratefully received!

Please feel free to blitz me for info and I'll do my best to provide it.



Well I have discovered that if I activate sleep mode myself when know I won't be using the computer it doesn't seem to crash. It only seems to crash when it activates sleep mode of its own accord.

Could turning off sleep mode be the answer?

If so how do I do this please.... had no replies yet and still pulling my hair out!



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